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BuddhaTime.jpg (123588 Byte) Annabella Claudia, Germany, 2013
mixed media
SevenCats.jpg (339709 Byte) Annabella Claudia, Germany, 2013
height 300 cm 
Nataliya.jpg (253270 Byte) Nataliya Kamenetskaya, Russia, 2013
acrylic on lime stone 
Ruocco.jpg (293984 Byte) Roberto Ruocco, Italy, 2013
mixed media 
M&M.jpg (326520 Byte) Annabella Claudia, Germany, 2013
height 300 cm 
Chicken.jpg (299152 Byte) Annabella Claudia, Germany, 2013
Briigid.jpg (315098 Byte) Brigid Marlin, USA  2013
Millenium.jpg (182856 Byte) Fabrizio Baroni, Italy  2013
stainless steel
Keizo.jpg (122754 Byte)

Keizo Morishita, Japan, 2002
jikan towa .....
limestone engravings 
"Jikan towa hitotsuno zatsuji de ari buttai no araware to tano busshitsu tono kokan dearu"

Rafael1.jpg (185747 Byte) Rafael Bach, Brazil, 2001
THE TIME & THE HOUR    stainless steel
The time arrived. The hours ended, past and future does not exist any more. What remains is the present. This moment exactly, in this space exactly. Welcome at the present!
Rafael2.jpg (190924 Byte)

Rafael Bach, Brazil, 2001
stainless steel 
From this place the guardian makes sure that every one entering the time museum lives in the present, leaving behind past and future.

eternal_1.jpg (114975 Byte) eternal_2.jpg (223866 Byte) Annabella Claudia, 2002
ETERNAL CLOCK     Stainless steel, 2002

The hand of this eternal clock shows always the right time to do things: NOW!
The word "now" is written in 53 different languages of the world. The hand itself carries a lot of scientific symbols. On top: 9192631770 means the number of periods of the atom 133Cs, to define 1 second. Then follows 365.256: the exact length of the year in days. The centre circle represents the Sun. Every 11,3 years the orientation of the magnetic poles change. The nutation cycle of the earth is 25765 years. On the lower part one finds the number 299793: with a factor of one thousand, in meter per second, it is the so called "speed of light". Above and below the Sun symbol are marks that define in the right proportion the distance of Mercury, Venus and Earth to the Sun. Other 5 marks define the Megalithic Yard: 1MY=82.35cm..

Alchimistic1.jpg (113523 Byte) Alchimistic2.jpg (60009 Byte)

Annabella Claudia, 2001
ALCHEMISTIC PLANETARY       Stainless steel.

In the middle ages astrology was an accepted part of science. In it certain chemical elements have been connected with the visible planets, the moon and the sun. These 7 objects have been arranged in a way that starting with the sun (1) going counter-clockwise three steps, one gets the days of the week (1-2-3-4-5-6-7). (see drawing on the left side).

Alchimistic3.jpg (57569 Byte) The other way around, starting with iron and going two steps, the element weight is increasing (3-6-2-5-1-4) . On the sculpture the element weight is coded by drill holes. Small ones mean value one, middle ones count fife and big ones ten.
Another knowledge is coded with the atomic valence starting from univalent silver (2). Mercury and copper are 1- and 2-valent, gold is 1- and 3-valent, iron is 2- and 3-valent, tin is 3- and 4-valent, and lead is 2- and 4-valent.
Starting with lead going counter clock wise, one gets rising numbers in electric conductivity (7-5-3-1-6-4-2).
Anitta1.jpg (146180 Byte)  Anitta2.jpg (150602 Byte)

Anitta Toivio , Finland, 2002

Einstein's formula E=mc2 means basically that energy and mass are equivalent. Things will change form, but nothing will be lost. To manifest it, in this work the small parts that have been cut off from the 4x4 square have been replaced below. 


Anitta3.jpg (192731 Byte)  Anitta4.jpg (80084 Byte) Anitta Toivio, Finland, 2002
EARTH DIAL     installation with lime stones

About 2 billion years ago this place was situated at the equator. Tectonic shifts moved it here and turned it. It makes me feel that the time of the past is still present. To symbolize it this, a row of gold covered stones has been arranged. To connect symbolically the present with the past, the basic construction has a length of 20 meters, the wall itself has a length of 20 MY (1 Megalithic Yard = 0.8235m). Seven is the number of steps in natural cycles. There are 7 basic groups of animals, plants, stars. The table in chemistry is composed by 7 rows and 9 columns. The north line through the center divides the east line in the proportion 7MY by 9MY.

Suntower1.jpg (174901 Byte)  Suntower2.jpg (83421 Byte)

Annabella Claudia, 2001/2
SUN OBSERVATION TOWER    Limestone, stainless steel tubes

At winter solstice from this point  the sunrise will be seen at 12.16 pm MET (= 12 o'clock local time),  between the lower gap of the Cheetah rock. At this time the sun is positioned exactly at south direction. Inside the upper part of the sun tower, stainless tubes are orientated towards sunrise and sunset for the four cardinal time points of the year: winter & summer solstice, and spring & fall equinox. 

Drena3000.JPG (88014 Byte)

Annabella Claudia, 2001
Limestone engraving
DRENA 3000

The holes inside the circle represent the stars midnight at summer solstice in the year 3000. Using the astronomical counting system "Julian-days", that moment is given with the Julian-number 2816958,4167. Local time will be 0 hours, 0 minutes and 0 seconds. Julian Day : Method of counting time continuously with days starting noon 1.1.4712 B.C. Introduced by Scaliger in honour of his father Julian.

updated  08-09-13