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Tour of the Site of "Project 3000"

sculpture13.JPG (37941 Byte) sculpture18.jpg (58854 Byte)           Hanane El Farissi, 2011, Morocco:
carbon fiber, polyester, mixed media


Adelfer.jpg (31521 Byte)           Adelfo Bombardelli, 2001, Italy:
tooth wheels, iron parts

The basic interest in this creation is the unification of my fantasy with the world of mechanics. This union of toothed wheels, bolts and small metallic parts signifies a homage to all metal workers of the world. Their contribution to our society is for sure not very much recognized.

Ahto.jpg (55502 Byte)

Ahto Chu, China, 2001
Acryl on rock

The top line of the Chinese text written by Ato from China means "welcome", pronounced:  hon jin guong lin. The right text means "good luck", pronounced: jin cian. Then the bottom line from right to left signifies: for Anna, 2001 March 14th, from Ato , 2001, March 14th.

 Gepard1.jpg (45548 Byte) Gepard2.jpg (105881 Byte) Annabella Claudia, 2001
Ceramic filled with concrete
Tauq.jpg (55598 Byte) Nicole Vogel, 2001, Germany
Acrylic on limestone
Albet.jpg (110037 Byte)

Roberta Abet,  2001, ITALY
Albero Magico
Mirror pieces

For the trunk and the big branches little pieces of mirrors have been taken, using the living elements: the small plants coming out of cracks and holes of the rock. This makes a warmer effect at daytime, and in the twilight the tree as a whole becomes magic: uniting sun, heat, moon and magic.

Heliconia1.jpg (33693 Byte)  Heliconia2.jpg (27193 Byte) Annabella Claudia, 2001
Stainless steel

The idea of the steel sculpture was taken from the tropical flower Heliconia. The name is rooted from Mt. Helico, the home of ancient Greek gods. There are 23 basic leaves. In the Indian tarot the number 23 means "Maya". Usually Maya is represented as a woman working on a distaff. She stands for the illusion that the material world seems real and the spiritual worlds unreal. After the basic leaves 10 main leaves follow, symbolizing the 10 dimensions of the real world. On top are three leaves twisted like a Möbius-ring. The latter shows a particular feature: cut along the middle line, the ring does not fall apart into two pieces, but remains one!

DreamC2.jpg (25460 Byte)

Annabella Claudia, 2001
Dream Catcher
Stainless Steel

Dream Catchers have been used by American Indians at the first night in a tent or a building. They should help to remember the first dream.On the outside ring of the dream catcher one finds 7 triangles. With the seven pointed star on the inside they form 7 irregular pentagons. "7" is the number of the subdivisions in every natural cycle, "5" is the number of life. The 5-star in the centre is a human symbol, surrounded by a circle. The circle connects with ten rods to the dream catcher. Here the "10" means the ten dimensions of the universe where human beings take part in. This was known already 2500 years ago by Buddhists, and now the same concept is proposed by modern science.

Adelfo2.jpg (153953 Byte) Adelfo Bombardelli, Italy  2002
Car gear parts

Woman, while walking new flowers are growing inside yourself. A new life moves.
Woman, center of the world, eternal wisdom, keeping upright the universe carrying inside new life. 
Woman, enclosing love, men are longing for you. My dreams, thoughts and best moments of life are dedicated for you.

Excalibur.jpg (160153 Byte) Fabrizio Baroni, Italy  2002
stainless steel
Ela1.jpg (212837 Byte) Ela E.  Reitinger, Austria  2002
acrylic on limestone
Betty.jpg (165027 Byte) Elisabeth Michelon, Italy, 2003
lime stone engravings
18birds.jpg (150716 Byte) Annabella Claudia, Germany, 2003
stainless steel tube, concrete birds
Glacier.jpg (258391 Byte) Dara Jurisic, Serbia, 2003
acrylic on limestone, Iron wire
Danilo.jpg (176588 Byte) Danilo Feltrinelli, Italy, 2003
ivy root

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