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Installations & Sculptures

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Tango.jpg (268895 Byte) title:  Tango for Angels
material: fibre glass
height 180cm
Tongling.jpg (128552 Byte) title:  Shirshasana
material: copper
height 240cm
Tongling International Copper Sculpture Park, China
wellcome.jpg (91983 Byte) title:  wellcome!
material: bronze, 

height: 220cm
International Sculpture Park at the Agriculture Institutr of Changchun, China
Mushroom2.jpg (89956 Byte) title:  Mushroom forest
material: bronze, 

5 items between 400cm and 500cm
Changchun International Sculpture Park, China
Alekta.jpg (128672 Byte) title:  Alekta
material: mixed media,
size: 125cm x
100cm x 25cm  
Aron.jpg (89972 Byte) title:  mein Hund bekam den Doktor-Hut
material: mixed media,
size: 160cm x
80cm x 50cm  

Busan.jpg (110788 Byte)

title:  sacred meeting on the beach
material: fiber glass, 
size: 160cm x 200 cm x 200cm
Assistant Artist: Ju Yeon Jung, Busan, South Korea

Fauna-2.jpg (127037 Byte) title:  Fauna - the white goddess
material: mixed media,
size: 40cm x
60cm x 140cm  
Place: Val Vajolet, Dolomites, Italy, 2466 m above sea level
 Shirshasana.jpg (54941 Byte)

title:  Shirshasana
material: mixed media,
size: 180cm x
60cm x 40cm  


CircusDog2.jpg (59289 Byte) title:  Circus Dog
material: mixed media,
size: 40cm x
 Ganesh1.jpg (41522 Byte)

title:  Ganesha
material: mixed media,
size: 80cm x80cm x 240cm  

The base contains a pair of speakers and lamps for illumination. The figure is detachable from the base. 

666.jpg (81346 Byte) title:  Sex-Handed-Sex-Eyed Gargoyle
material: mixed media,
size: 80cm x100cm x 220cm  
Beatrix1.jpg (59057 Byte)   title:  Beatrice
material: mixed media,
fiber glass,
size: 65cm x65cm x 170cm  
Cian-Buddha.jpg (170536 Byte) title:  Villa-Cian-Buddha
material: wood, fabric, polyester, acrylic
size: 180cm x 80cm x 100cm
place: Restaurant Villa Cian, 
Torbole, Trentino, Italy
Hippo2.jpg (139225 Byte)

 title: Hippopotamus Amphibius Weserensis
material: fiber glass,
size: 370cm x 110cm x 185cm

hippo.jpg (51954 Byte) title:  Baby-Hippopotamus
material: fiber glass,
size: 180cm x 80cm x 50cm
Monaco.jpg (124088 Byte)

title:  buddhist monc
material: mixed media,
size: 140cm x
100cm x 60cm  

Sphinx.jpg (120936 Byte)

title:  Sphinx
material: fiber glass,
size: 65cm x 90cm x 50cm
Jabiru.jpg (93681 Byte)

title:  Jabiru Senegalese
bird: stainless steel, fiber glass,
base: granite 
size: 170cm x 100cm x 40cm

KKranich.jpg (91318 Byte)

title:  Kronenkranich
bird: stainless steel, fiber glass,
base: granite 
size: 180cm x 120cm x 40cm
Pelikan.jpg (191570 Byte)

title:  Pelikan
bird: stainless steel, fiber glass,
base: granite 
size: 120cm x 170cm x 100cm

stork.jpg (92610 Byte)

title:  Stork
bird: stainless steel, fiber glass,
base: granite 
size: 140cm x 30cm x 60cm
gru.jpg (152164 Byte)

title:  Gru
bird: stainless steel, styrofoam, fiber glass,
base: white marble 
size: 180cm x 180cm x 150cm

Fibonacci.jpg (223629 Byte)

title:  Fibonacci stairway 
material: concrete stones
length: 140 meters
height distance: 40 meters
place: Pälkäne, Project "Väkevä Maa", 
Tampere Region, Finland
Hexe.jpg (388368 Byte)

title:  witch & owl
material: mixed materials
size: life sized witch

Fata.jpg (142055 Byte)

title:  the fairy 
material: mixed materials
size: 150cm x 60cm x 60cm

Tec-pendel.jpg (206346 Byte)

title:  tec-pendulum-clock
material: clock, computer parts
size: 100cm x 90cm


Cheetah.jpg (266247 Byte)

title:  Cheetah
material: concrete
size: 80cm x 50cm x 30cm
place: Sculpture Park Drena, Trentino, Italy.

18birds.jpg (251053 Byte) title:  18 birds
material: concrete, stainless steel
size: 80cm x 80cm x 130cm
place: Sculpture Park Drena, Trentino, Italy.
2Kugeln.jpg (324715 Byte) title:  eclipse
material: concrete spheres, steel rope
size: sphere diameter 40cm
steel rope 15 meters
place: Sculpture Park Drena, Trentino, Italy.

updated  04-11-15