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Sacred Art Exhibition



Lofthouse01.jpg (104178 Byte)   Lofthouse02.jpg (132729 Byte)   Lofthouse03.jpg (166898 Byte)  
images from the Lofthouse Gallery in the Benedict monastery

Lofthouse12.jpg (164914 Byte)   these are the rooms for the sacred art exhibition from the outside

    sacred01.jpg (122752 Byte)   sacred02.jpg (128816 Byte)   sacred03.jpg (85958 Byte)   sacred04.jpg (104185 Byte)   sacred05.jpg (116988 Byte)   sacred06.jpg (117681 Byte)   Umbrella1.jpg (123898 Byte)   Umbrella2.jpg (126304 Byte)
images from the exhibitions

information for the Society members:

Exhibition theme: "Sacred art"

Exhibition starts on April 4th 2009, and ends offically June 7th 2009.
Unsold pictures can be left there until sold, or taken back.

Place: Lofthouse Gallery,   Klostergut 2,   82405 Wessobrunn, Germany
Gallery owner:  Astrid Eulberg,  Üblhörstrasse 4,   82405 Wessobrunn,   Germany
tel.: 0049 8809922314,      email: AEulberg@gmx.de
cellular phone: 0049 176 9674 8940

The gallery takes 25% of the listed price. Unsold work will be sent back by the gallery.

Additional information:
The  Lofthouse gallery is located inside an old monastery in Bavaria.
(see some photos on top of this page)
Astrid Eulberg, the gallery owner, agreed to offer a certain space
permanently for members of the Society for Art of Imagination.
There is plenty of space for outside sculptures!
They can be exhibited without time limit, until they are sold.

How to get there:
Who wants to reach the gallery by car:
take the highway from Munich to Garmisch towards Starnberg.
From Starnberg follow the signs to Weilheim, Wessobrunn is located
6 km from Weilheim on the road to Landsberg.
From Munich it takes about 45 minutes.
Arriving in Wessobrunn, the Monastery lies at the end of the village
towards the right side, it is the last group of houses.
Public transportation:
Wessobrunn is a tourist place, famous for the monastery.
Tourist season starts Eastern and ends around Oktober.
But there is no public bus from Weilheim to Wessobrunn!
From Munich one takes a train to Weilheim, and then there
is only a taxi to cover the 12km to Wessobrunn.

updated  27-05-10