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web_Val01.jpg (113062 Byte) ARTISTS that want to create some long lasting message for future generations will find an ideal ground at the DRENA 3000 PROJECT.
Lots of SPACE is offered: nearly half a  square kilometer! Creations can be in stone, concrete, wood, glass, steel, composites or other lasting materials. You can work right there on the spot or prepare the work at home and bring it there.
web_Val02.jpg (175135 Byte)
web_Val03.jpg (145657 Byte) SUPPORT is given for the following:
  •  For creations in concrete and stone: 
    There are industrial sponsors that will support us with cement, steel reinforcement and wooden panels.
  •  For paintings and graphics on paper, cardboard or canvas: 
    Know how and help is offered to fix it on stone in a way that it will become resistant against sun, rain, snow, wind and other effects from erosion.
  •  Safety against theft: know how is given to how to secure objects against simple theft. Obviously there is little to do against vandalism, because all work remains at open air

    Support of TOOLS to work right on place:

    • electric generator 1700 Watt, 230Volts
    • compressor with airbrush and pistol
    • electric drill with diamond bits to work on chalk stone
    • electric engraving drill
    • electric flex machine to cut or engrave stone
    • electric welder for stainless steel
web_Val04.jpg (116782 Byte)
updated  27-05-10