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The Basic Idea

Archaeologists search for remnants of past societies. When they find them, they try to figure out the structure of these cultures,  interpreting the puzzle given by the collection of the single items found, like a handful of pieces of a mosaic.

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Now our civilization, our artists and artisans can create our own "archaeological site" with a goal to provide a message to be read 1000 years from now on the slopes of the Alps, creating artificially an "archaeological site" with the goal to code in it a message that lasts for the next 1000 years to come.  
The symbols used should be chosen in a way that they can be understood by future societies, independent of spoken or written language. It must be performed in a way that it will not be destroyed by chemical or physical erosion.  

Idea production

THE SYMBOLOGY OF OUR AGE CREATED BY ... To create this legacy of our time, artists, scientists and creative thinkers join together in a cooperative and synchronistic endeavor, creating in a natural park the symbology of our age."
Ideas to be transformed into concrete objects come from professional artists and from scientists working in the field of intercultural communication, linguistics, anthropology, ethnology, comparative religion, architecture, archaeology, archaeo-astronomy. It is wise to look for advice in the field of geology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, biology, social psychology.


Ideas and support are offered to other communities so that they provide similar areas for artists to manifest their symbolic statements to the future. So far, other partners are the Center of Alpine Ecology (near Trento, on top of Monte Bondone, 1550 above sea level), and the Museum of Alpine Ecology. In Finland the partner is the project "Vškevš Maa" in the Tampere region, in Germany the partner is the European Akademy in Otzenhausen, Saarland.

The Project Area:

To make this project materialize, the community of Drena near Lake Garda (Northern Italy) has reserved an area of over 500.000 sqm. It consists of a Western slope of a mountain cliff with many hundreds of rocks in different sizes, starting from small blocks in the size of a car to big ones in the size of a two store building. In between these rock are lots of plants. Many of them are pines, stone oaks, cypress trees, maples, ash trees and alders providing the back drop for the artists' work.

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Art Performances

DIFFERENT TECHNIQUES Artists and scientists interested in this project can choose between different techniques, like rock sculpturing, engravings, painting on rock, or installations
EXPLANATORY SIGNS Every object is accompanied by a sign that shows the name of the artist and explains in Italian, German and English the meaning of the art piece to the visitor. 
DOCUMENTATION A complete documentation on CD of all art work can be requested at the organizer. The address is given below.
FEMALE ARTISTS The percentage of women must be higher than 50 %. 
PEACEFULNESS    No proposal will be allowed that glorifies violence or that uses symbols of any kind connected with violence.
AESTHETIC IMMERSION INTO THE LANDSCAPE Every art object must fit optically and aesthetically to the surrounding countryside. Therefore no object will be permitted that is in extreme contrast to the surrounding mountain wilderness (for instance: brightly coloured plastic objects).
OWNERSHIP Every art object of this project becomes permanent heritage of the community of Drena.
FREE ACCESS FOR THE PUBLIC Access is free and open to the public 24 hours for 365 days a year. 


Annabella Claudia
Founder and Executive Director
of the Open Air Museum

M.A. (phil. / phys. / psych.)
via cartiere 78, 38066 Varone, Riva del Garda, Italia

Tel.: +39 335 317 696 (cellular phone)
Tel: +39 0464 880774 (home)
Hanane El Farissi, 
Director for Public Relations and International Contacts
of the Open Air Museum

Rabat, Morocco
Facebook: Hanane El Farissi
tel: 0039 377 138 4567
Lorena Bombardelli
Artistic Director
tel: +39 333 8404163
Adelfo Bombardelli
Technical Director
tel: +39 3392523514
updated  30-11-13