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Annabella Claudia  M.A. (phil./ phys./ psych.)



photo by Hanane El Farissi

w_Tricksurfen.jpg (171887 Byte)
article of Sepp Thayer in a Windsurf Magazine 

w_555_1.jpg (90871 Byte)
Board design for the Hi Fly Company, tested in Backyards, North Shore Oahu, Hawaii

w_bic_1.jpg (83311 Byte)
Board design for the Company BIC Marine, France

w_bucber.jpg (167621 Byte)
books published by Delius & Klasing

w_bucber_2.jpg (173353 Byte)
books published by Delius & Klasing

w_Hookipa1.jpg (32721 Byte)
work as a photographer. here: a title shot of Ian Boyd at Hookipa, Maui.

w_Hookipa2.jpg (35607 Byte)
selected by the readers, the title shot became the best title photo of the year.

Annabella Claudia Hofmann  M.A. (phil./ phys./ psych.)
Founder and Director of "Open Air Museum Drena", Trentino, Italy
Address: via cartiere 78, 38066 Riva del Garda, Italia.  
Tel: +39 335 317 696,  +39 9464 880 447

DPG (German Society for Physics)
European Consultant for Society for Art of Imagination, London.
AIESM (International Association for Monumental Art Events)
FemArc (Women in Archaeology)

Journalistic activities, photos, articles for:

Windsurfing Magazin, München, Germany, 1976, 1977,
Skateboard Magazin, München, Germany, 1977,
SURF, Windsurfing Magazin, Germany 1978, 1979 (Cartoon)
New Surfing, Germany, 1981,
Åka Skidor, Ski & Surf Magazin, Sweden 1981,1982,
Wind Surfing Journal, Hamburg, Germany, 1982,
Windsurfing USA, 1/1982 (photos),
SURFEN, Hamburg, Germany, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990,
(Best title shot of the year) 1987)
Surf Sport, Stockholm, Sweden,  1989,
Garda-Reporter, Riva, Italy, 1989, 1990, 1991,
Frauenzeitung München, Germany, 1993, 1994;
American Windsurfer, 1995, 1996; 1999, 2000,
SURF-Magazin, 1998
Loft-Sails, 2000,
Mermaid-wetsuits 2000
YES-Sails, 2000, 2001

Books published:

under the name "Sigi Hofmann":
Tricksurfen, Editor Delius & Klasing, Bielefeld, Germany
Surfboard-Tuning,  Editor Delius & Klasing, Bielefeld, Germany
Gardasee für Windsurfer, Editor Delius & Klasing, Bielefeld, Germany
Spaß beim Surfen, Editor Delius & Klasing, Bielefeld, Germany
Lago di Garda per i surfisti, Editor Athesia,  Bozen, Italy,
Dit is zwaar weer surfen, Editor De Boer Maritiem, Utrecht, Holland
Estilo libre en surf a vela, Editor Editorial Noray, Bacelona, Spain
Puesta a punto del surf a vela, Editor Editorial Noray, Bacelona, Spain

Design und Industry-Counseling:

2006-2009  custom made furniture design for hotels and restaurants in Italy

2001 Industry counseling und Design for JINLI Composites Ltd. Hong Kong,

1993 Management-Seminar for DIGITAL-EQUIPMENT, München,

1991 - 1995 Product Management for MERMAID, Italy

1984-1985 Industry design for BIC-MARINE, France, development of prototypes and test of the  Windglider-Slalom / BIC 650 S

1982 Design-training courses in Sweden

1980 - 1984 Industry counseling for MARINE-A.B., Upsala / Sweden

1980 - 1983 Industry design for 'HI-FLY": Development, construction and test of prototypes  for the models 444, 555, 666, counseling and test of sails

1980 - 1983 Surfsport GmbH (Co Ltd.) Frankfurt

1979 - 1990 Product Management for SEA-WIND, Italy

1979 - 1985 laboratory for prototypes in Italy (Riva) and USA (Hawaii, Kailua), training courses for HI-FLY dealers

1979 - 1982 Industry counseling for AQUATA, Berlin; Germany

1979 - 2002 Custom-made surfboards: "Feuervogel-Boards"

1977 - 1979 Training courses for MISTRAL dealers

1975 - 1979 Board-Design, Test und World-Cup-Regattas for ASTRA, Nürnberg

1975 - 1990 Product counseling for NORTH-SAILS, Germany

1975 - 1988 Advertising movies for NORTH-SAILS, Hettlage-Sport, Alpina-Skischule, Prindle-Catamarane, O'Neill-Sports, HI-FLY-Windsurfing


Surfcenter in Italy (Lake Garda), USA (Hawaii, Kailua), Malta (Comino),

Training of surf instructors and super-instructors for the VDWS (Verband Deutscher Windsurfschulen), as a board member responsible for teaching methods and examinations.

1980-1982, Winning of the German and European Championship.

w_555Artikel.jpg (64553 Byte)
Board design for the Hi Fly Company

w-_Aquata_1.jpg (90397 Byte)
Industrial counselling for Aquata Company in Berlin

w_Lanikai.jpg (70204 Byte)
windsurfing at Lanikai reef, Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii

w_HawaiiC.jpg (89958 Byte)
ads for the windsurfing school in Hawaii

w_Reisef.jpg (81838 Byte)
a tourist guide for windsurfers on Lake Garda, Italy, edited by Delius & Klasing, Germany, and by Athesia, Bozen, Italy.

w_Clodtur.jpg (139658 Byte)
sailing a toilet door

w_windglider.jpg (76794 Byte)
Board design for the company Windglider

w_sunset1.jpg (96230 Byte)
windsurfing at Sunset beach, North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii

w_windmag.jpg (79869 Byte)
journalist and tester for the Wind Magazine

updated  07-12-13