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Symposium and Art-Design-Exhibition at the 2014
Augsburger Frühjahrs-Ausstellung (AFA) in Germany

Here are some photos of the event

List of selected artists:

Anna Anderson, Germany
Rafale Bach, Brazil
Horst Barthelt, Germany
Khadija Benamar, Morocco
Lorena Bombardelli, Italy
Alan Cigalotti, Italy
Hanane El Farissi, Morocco
Theresa Fabra-Cadena, Spain
Anton Farthofer, Austria
Sabine Kaiser, Germany
Thomas Labuska, Germany
Loris Levri, Italy
Reinhold Mertel, Germany
Cessica Nützel, Germany
Mrs. Opfermann, Germany
Barbara Righi, Italy
Willi Schütz, Germany
Yavor Tanev, Bulgaria
Solveiga Vasiljeva, Latvia
Barbara Wiesner, Germany
Eugen Wolf, Germany
Michele Venus, Spain

Deadline has passed at: 01.03.2014
The fair runs for 9 days in Spring 2014. In this period nearly 100.000 visitors
are coming. As an average that is more than 10.000 every day!
During these days there will be two events.

First event:
It is a sculpture-design exhibition with the theme: "fantastic art".
Artist are invited that have created sculpture-art-design objects with the following features:
1) the object must be a USEFUL thing, like a chair, a table, a lamp, a closet,
     or whatever can be useful for the house, inside or outside.
2) it must be a sculpture-like object, artistically performed.
3) it must be "fantastic"-like looking, for instance, like a furniture for a science fiction movie,
     or a gothic style, the more "crazy" the better.
4) it must be physically stable and safe concerning the use it is made for,
     like for a chair, that must bear the weight also of a heavy person!

Examples of art work that is desired

The fair organizer takes 25% of the selling price.
Artist can enter with more than one proposal.
More than one object can be exhibited.

Second event:
Parallel to the art-design-event there will be a symposium with the same theme.
Six artists will be invited to create an art object as described above.
In case the object needs more than a week to be finished, the artist must
prepare his object beforehand, so she/he can finish it during the 9-day fair.
if he object needs 4 weeks to be finished, the artist must work 3 weeks before,
and then finish it during the week of the AFA-fair.

Invited artists will get paid all of the expenses (travel food, hotel) and will
receive a honorary of 1000 Euros for this week.
At the end of the fair the artist can sell her/his work.
In this case the organizer of the fair takes also 25% as written above.

The chances of being selected will rise, if many of the following features are met:
# the use of unusual materials,
# the combination of several different materials, (glass, fabric, steel, stone, recycling objects....)
# the "crazyness" of the object.

Every artist will have a working area inside a hall of about 8 x 8 meters.

All machines can be used except:
# no heavy dust production, like an angle grinder on sand stone.
# if resin is used: no polyester resin is possible, because it produces
a too heavy smell for the visitors! Only epoxy-resin can be used.
There is no problem with load noises!
# artists must bring their own tools.

For artists coming by air, tools can be loaned at request, if available.

No formal application is needed to apply.

Artists interested in one of the two events have to send the following documents
via email to Annabella Claudia Hofmann (AIESM member) : annabella@magic.ms
AND to the gallery owner and curator Astrid Eulberg, Aeulberg@gmx.de:
1) CV, or a website link with the CV
2) one or more proposals for either event.
3) either photos of objects already created in the requested theme,
or a link to a website where it can be seen.

The official website for the fair is here:  http://www.afa-messe.de/home.html
It runs from 05.04 - 13.04.2014.

Here some photos from the AFA 2012

Participants for the exhibition will bring their objects 04.04.2014.
The nearest airport is Memmingen, served by Ryan Air and Easy Jet..
But it is also easy to arrive through the Munich airport, taking the train to Augsburg.